Sunday, June 29, 2008

To: God
Re: Evolution

That all makes sense, but you can’t be scientific with the afterlife short of killing yourself to find out, which kinda defeats the purpose of wanting to find out in the first place.

I can’t imagine how this country could get considerably worse. I try to think of one good thing about this country and struggle because everything that has the potential to be considered good has been screwed up by someone, mostly the government. Thinking of bad things is easy. All you have to do is look at the front page of any newspaper on any day.

There’s no meaning to life, aliens will kill everyone if people don’t grow up. You’re not doing much to boost my confidence in life.

The problem is, a lot of people don’t want humanity to evolve. A lot of people are happy to just stay where they are with their selfish, meaningless lives. Nobody’s going to want to change themselves to benefit everyone else. I don’t have much to lose. I want humanity to change, but I’m of a small minority. Funnily enough, I think it would be the religious people who would want people to change the most. Some of the teachings might be off, but religious people are more able to see what will work for the greater good. Other people can see the greater good too, but most of them don’t care. They’re only concerned with their own good.

Getting rid of disease would be amazing, but I wouldn’t want to let 99.9999% of humans loose with technology that could alter their genetic code and make them immortal. Why can’t people just be happy with what they’ve got? Forever is a long time to live.

Well, a lot of kids these days probably would be able to understand the function and dangers of sex, but they’re not mature enough to be able to make proper decisions about it. I’m sorry to say a lot of ‘adults’ aren’t either.

Maybe we could start enforcing laws about it all. I think they should, but would that not just be repressing people still? Laws are designed to stop people from doing stuff. Still, it’s not all linked to sex. There’s more to life than that, regardless of what other people might think.

I was going to have an early night tonight, but I just can’t while Jack’s around. I escaped from Jack and got home at 7 and told myself I was going to check my email and then go to bed, but when I checked my email he was on MSN and we got talking again so I decided I was going to answer your last message and talk to him at the same time then go bed, but every time I said I was going to go we always started talking about something else and here I am now still talking to him. Sleep just feels like a waste of time when Jack’s here, no matter how tired I get.

Camael, it’s not the same at all. Everyone has good things happen to them, some more than others, but everyone has them now and then. Start looking out for them and you might notice them more.

How do you know you’re not going to end up falling in love with another angel who’s going to make you less depressed and more something else? Michael’s managed to affect Gabriel enough to make her feel guilty about all of the kids she’s left behind, so it’s not impossible someone could make you less depressed.

You never know, you could go out somewhere and have fun. Being killed isn’t a common thing. It’s not like you have hitmen out to get you or anything. Why don’t you take some bodyguards with you or something? There has to be some way.


To: Poppy
Re: Endings and Control

You can't know 100% what happens when you die. Of course, you can't know 100% about anything, because appearances are deceiving and naturally, you don't know it all. So the only thing you can do is theorise, even though you can never know for certain what happens. That's true for everything, not just the afterlife. Being that you are here to create your story, you can do as you wish. You can also believe what you wish. Still, the best method is not to have a concrete belief, but a flexible idea. Ideas are always mutable, they can always be updated when new information comes your way. All you can really do is establish how likely something is to be true, by testing it under controlled conditions, as scientific method does. Try not to make too many assumptions, or if you must, always remember you can be wrong. People always will do selfish hurtful things. All you can do about that is try to educate them or punish them. Some of them will respond, some of them will not.

I do not propose that you disband your police force, as that would lead to anarchy. There are too many people in your world who do not care enough about it for that to work for your society. Of course, an ineffective police force is almost as bad, as evidenced by the level of crime currently. Sooner or later though, people might get the message, create a better political party than those available and change things for the better. Of course, the current probability is that it will get considerably worse before it gets better.

Do not forget though, that there are no 'bad things' for me. The universe has been designed such that a species that would be as unstable and potentially threatening on a large scale such as yours would destroy themselves, or would be destroyed by those more advanced than yourselves. In other words, if as a society humans want to survive, they'd better grow up before they start travelling beyond their solar system. Many species don't, but they inevitably end up extinct before they do any real damage.

For those that care about humanities fate, this is the reason to act. This is the fear you should have if you do not. There's a lot at stake, the universe awaits you and you have the potential to unravel its mysteries, to evolve beyond what you are now. This will only happen if you stabilise as a society. With the development of nanotechnology, you're closer to this point than you think. Advanced nanotechnology offers the potential to make materials that are lighter, stronger and sharper than any other material. It can eliminate all disease, it can directly alter genetic code, it can even make people live forever (naturally). Used by a society in control of its people and technology it can advance them to no end. Used by a society that isn't, it can consume them and their entire planet can become nothing but "grey goo" as the theory is called.

Children are embarrassed about sex because adults are, it is not a failing of theirs. Children are intelligent enough to understand the function of sex, and reasonable enough (surprising as that may seem)to take account of the dangers. This is all they actually need to know about it. When you begin restricting them on its use in ways that tell them it's wrong (such as by teaching the insane idea that a small bit of dried blood is something special, even sacred), then they start to worry about it. Then it becomes something to be hidden away. Of course, it's a natural instinct too, so they have an internal battle going on as to whether or not to do it by the time they reach their teens. This creates confusion, and a huge increase in the likelihood of a "heat of the moment" event.

People are going mental because they repress themselves. This is self evident by the fact you see people drinking, having unprotected sex, beatings in the street etc. The way to stop the problem is through improving your laws and (especially) your enforcement of them. Simultaneously though, better education and a change in attitude is needed. Some more transparency is what your leaders do might be a good idea as well. The expenses controversy is an obvious example of this. Yet, despite people being angry, nothing is really being done about it. All this actually accomplishes is leaving the people who shouldn't be in charge in charge.

Violence is already in Zimbabwe, it's own people are being tortured and killed by its own people. Yet, even as drastic and horrifying as it is, the world speaks of sanctions rather than invasion. People are afraid to take action, even when it is obviously the right thing to do. It may not need to come to that though, the murder of Mugabe himself may go a long way towards stabilising the country in the long term. and your intelligence services certainly have the resources to do it.

I think it makes sense to get enough sleep. Different people have different energy needs, so find a compromise with Jack, it won't do you any good to be shattered all the time.

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To: God

Subject: FW: Fear and Consequences

If I'm just too depressed to notice the good things, well that's exactly the same as nothing good happening really.

I can't remember why I choose it, angels usually don't. I suppose my soul is probably interested in what it's like to be completely without hope... Certainly choose a good way to do it if it was. Or maybe it just felt like giving everyone else a bit of a laugh, since that's how most people react, at least until they just feel so sick of me they actually are sick on me.

Choices are closed to angels much more than they are to humans, that's the purpose of being an angel. The probability of an event happening to me which is anything other than depressing is reduced to nothing, which makes it a certainty that I'll be this way until I die. You know it's very rare, one in a million kind of thing, but sometimes when angels die they vibrate in such a way that causes extreme pain for several days. I've no doubt it'll happen to me.

If I went out to have fun, no matter where it was, you can guarantee someone would have me killed just before I actually started enjoying myself, which just makes me even more depressed. Some humans feel like just when they're happy it all goes wrong. It goes wrong before that for me.

Love and light are things that affect other people,


Signature - I'm not always this depressed... Except when I feel, think or do anything really...

To: God
Re: Fear and Consequences

The problem with the afterlife is that we don’t have any way of getting any concrete proof for it until after we die, so a lot of the time we have to take someone else’s word for it, whether it’s someone else’s beliefs, a religious experience or something more official like the Bible. We don’t all sit here inventing stories for what we think happens after we die. If we didn’t think these other sources made sense, we wouldn’t believe in them. Even with you, I’m still no better off because I’m still only taking your word for it. I assume you’re not lying to me (I know you said you never lie to anyone, but you could be lying about that), but I assumed once that the Bible wasn’t lying to me. If people didn’t take that leap of faith and assume what they were being told was true, nobody would believe in any kind of afterlife, so they’d be further away from the truth than they would be if they weren’t religious. Having no beliefs is not better than being religious, because a lot of people would use that as an excuse to do whatever they want and forget everyone else because it won’t make any difference. There are so many selfish, hurtful things you can do to enjoy yourself that aren’t against the law, so there’s nothing stopping them from doing those things.

A lot of people are nice people. I can be told there are no consequences for things and I still won’t do them because they just disagree with what I think is right, but a lot of other people wouldn’t. It’s not hard to see either. Once you take away the consequences, whether it’s from you or the police or whatever, people do whatever they want. When the cat’s away, the mice will play, like they say. There are some areas of my town normal people just don’t go any more because of the type of people who hang out there and what they do, and the police don’t do anything about it either, even when they KNOW those people are there and what they do. Then those people just continue because they have nothing to fear. It’s the same with all this fuel theft that’s been going on recently with people filling their cars at the garage and then just driving away without paying. Even when they’re caught on camera with their number plates and it would be more than easy enough for the police to track down where they live from that, they still do nothing because of so many layers of regulations and bureaucracy that it’s impossible for them to do anything. If I drove, even I’d be tempted to steal fuel. I’m an honest person but they just make it so easy! I wish it didn’t take fear of punishment to stop people from doing bad things, but it does a lot of the time. There’s no fear of the police, and there’s no fear of you, so what’s going to stop people doing bad things?

It’s hard for kids not to be embarrassed about sex. It’s just the way things are. Sex is a really adult thing and most kids just aren’t mature enough to be able to take it seriously and understand it. It’s only natural that they should get embarrassed. It’s the same way guys get embarrassed talking about girl stuff and vice-versa.

People are having fun when they’re having sex, never mind the consequences. Of course trying to put a stop to people’s fun isn’t going to be a vote winner! Even I’d be against someone who thought they were going to change the situation with sex today because I’d know they were either very stupid and/or a total control freak.

You make it sound like everyone’s either going or gone completely mental because they’re ‘repressing’ themselves! I know there are rapists and stuff, but they’re the exception, not the rule. A totally free society would never work though. It would be chaos. People would just have sex wherever and whenever they wanted. Rape, STDs, unplanned pregnancies and all that stuff would end up going up because nobody would be afraid to do what they want. Perhaps some people would be better off if there wasn’t so much stigma associated with sex, but society as a whole wouldn’t be.

Things like NHS dentists and the police should be obvious to MPs. It’s all in the news enough, but politicians only pretend to listen when they’re trying to win votes. After the election they forget all about it. Unfortunately, the politicians who really have the power to make a difference all live in Downing Street which is always under guard, so they never have a reason to call the police and find out that they could be burgled ten times over before the police turn up, and they’re all rich enough to have private dentists (and probably claim it back in expenses too).

Nobody condones what’s going on in Zimbabwe, but it’ll be impossible to do anything without it turning into violence. The UK and America are in enough trouble with the rest of the world as it is with how our leaders like to jump into anything and send troops everywhere. I wonder if it did come to violence in Zimbabwe, we’d even have any troops left to send.

I’m so tired. I’m going to have to tell Jack he’s going to have to stop taking me out on a Saturday night if he still expects me to be able to get out of bed the next morning for church. I’m going to start falling asleep in church if I’m not careful.

Camael, I’m sure you do have good things happen to you, you’re just so depressed you don’t even notice them.

Why did you choose to be depressed? At the beginning of your life, what made it seem like a good idea? You weren’t forced into it. Are you just one of those people who enjoys torturing themselves?

I don’t get how your choices can be that closed to you. What would stop you if you decided to go out and do something fun? You must have some kind of interests. Everyone does.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

To: Poppy
Re: Societies Problems

In this case, religion is not better than having no beliefs regarding the afterlife. Admitting you're not sure about something is better than simply making something up. You investigate, you think about it. You eventually come to a conclusion. Never let yourself think that it's defiantly the right one though, beliefs can always be updated.

The meaning to life is whatever you give it, it's essentially your project. It has no true meaning, other than that it's a mechanism to allow you to experience.

Education and the knowledge that comes from it is never too much. Human minds were designed to be able to store an exceptional amount of information, more than you'd possibly be able to gather in a single lifetime. Sex education is getting better, it's certainly better nowadays than it was 20 years ago. It's not just a matter of education though, it's the example adults set. Generally, kids grow up believing sex is something to be embarrassed about, and you're quite right in that if adults don't set an example that suggests safe sex is preferable, children will naturally subconsciously do the same.

People having casual sex is not the problem, people having unsafe sex is. A lack of caring, and a lack of control over instinct (especially since people are often drunk at the time) is what creates the STD's and unplanned pregnancies you have today. The laws in place might well be sufficient, but they are rarely enforced, partly because it is difficult to monitor, and partly because society in general doesn't really care about it, so it's not a big vote winner. Still, regardless of Gabriel's activities I stand by what I say. I do not care what humans do, but I do observe that if they are to be in a society without these problems, and without the physiological damage that comes from inhibiting their natural desire for sex, then their attitudes must change towards it. It is also obvious, that religious views are not helping this change.

Most of the problems in your countries economy and services comes from a lack of efficiency and lack of a standardised system. You certainly have the technology nowadays to solve these problems, but it will not be used until people start to care enough about it. NHS dentists are an obvious example. Most everyone agrees that everyone should have easy access to an NHS dentist, but there are no protests about it. Very few people write to their MP's, and it is not mentioned as a political issue. People like to complain about it, but they do nothing. This attitude is what is causing societies problems.

Police are another obvious example. By becoming more regionalised and spending less time on the streets they are losing touch with the public. They are also losing the intelligence information that comes from knowing local people, and becoming (as in the case of the traffic wardens) an annoyance more than anything. People are feeling out of touch with society and government, and it's only going to get worse without a big shift in attitude taking place.

Zimbabwe is an obvious example of the second worst of your kind. The rest of the worlds reaction is an obvious example of the worst.

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To: God

Subject: FW: Priorities

You're different to me, you have good things happen to you occasionally. You haven't met me in person though. My very soul makes people feel suicidal bad. I know, because I feel it all the time...

The problem is for you, it's quite possible to do what I suggested. I however, can't change what I chose at the beginning of my life. Your future possibilities are broad, but with mine, any that involve being happy (or even just less depressed) are closed off to me. I just have to live with it. When angels begin their lives, they choose not to have a choice. It's the very nature of being angels. God I'm getting depressed just thinking about it...

Love and light are things that affect other people,


Signature - I'm not always this depressed... Except when I feel, think or do anything really...

Friday, June 27, 2008

To: God
Re: Priorities

Well, religion is better than nothing. I know it gave meaning to my life, just like it does to a lot of other people too.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but it usually is. People might not automatically have sex with anyone, but it does lead onto that for an awful lot of people. It’s a slippery slope. There’s so much sex education today it’s completely out of hand, and people still go out and have sex all the time. What kind of laws did you have in mind?

Schools already provide enough information and precautionary measures these days, but the kids that are smart enough to pay proper attention to that stuff are the ones that are smart enough to not have sex at that age. Full grown adults don’t care about that stuff in the heat of the moment. How do you expect kids to be any better?

Giving sex a seal of approval…if I didn’t know better I’d say you were in it with Gabriel.

I hate politics. It’s so opinionated and they always seem these days to be introducing laws to get as much money from people as they possibly can. If I walk into town, I walk past two speed cameras, and on some days they have a van there trying to catch people out too. All this stuff about paying money when people throw rubbish away and the ridiculous price of fuel. All this tax people are paying and they still can’t sort out the NHS. The nearest NHS dentist to me is 37 miles away. The dentist in town went private 7 years ago. After that it was 6 miles away. I could catch the bus then. After they went private the closest one was 25 miles away and now it’s 37 miles. I don’t go to the dentist now. Haven’t been in years. It takes 3 and a half hours to get there because I’d have to take four different buses to get there. Not that I’d even be able to get in there anyway. Every time there’s an NHS dentist taking patients people queue up like they’re giving away free diamonds.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a policeman where I live. I don’t go much more than a week without seeing a traffic warden though. They have PDAs now so they can keep track of how long all the cars have been parked there so they can pounce when they’ve been there too long.

Still, could be worse, I suppose. I could be living in Zimbabwe.

Camael, you really contradict yourself. You complain that you never meet anyone or nobody gets to know you, but you tell me not to worry. I do worry about you. I know how it feels. I’m getting to know you, and I haven’t killed myself. Surely that’s a good thing? Something to not be depressed about?

You should really read back what you wrote to me. “Even if you don't realise it, if you don't want to be depressed you don't have to be.” If being the angel of depression isn’t working for you, why don’t you just dedicate yourself to something different?


To: Poppy
Re: Sex and Politics

I allow religion to exist for the same reason I allow murders, rapes, diseases and such to exist. The reason is we desire all experiences, not just those that seem nice to humans. Just because something provides an answer doesn't mean it's the correct one, especially when the answer is based on faith. Of course, with humans not being able to currently delve into such mysteries it's the only one available to you. That doesn't mean you have to accept it.

No, it doesn't have to be that way. Deciding to have sex outside of marriage doesn't mean people will automatically have sex with anyone. Not that I'm suggesting for one moment that casual sex is in any way frowned upon by me. Even if everyone had casual sex, if done with the available precautions the populace would still be decreasing. The problem is twofold, firstly that young people get into it without being aware of the problems. The second is that those who do know a little about it don't care during the heat of the moment. Both problems could be solved with the proper education and laws in place.

I said they should not give out contraception to young children, not that they shouldn't make it available in schools at all. Giving a seal of approval to having sex is not wrong, I'm doing it myself here. What would be wrong would be to give it a seal of approval without providing information and precautionary measures.

The problems with democracy are well known, but what would be put in its place? In the case of Gordon Brown, in the UK people vote for a political party rather than a leader (technically), which allows the leader to change, even while the party is in power. Since nobody in the party really opposed him, he was able to take charge easily. Still, even if the people decide they've had enough, and refuse to vote for Labour in the next election, who are you going to replace them with?

Quite right, you should not make someone else the purpose of your life. Even ignoring the fact that you could lose them, it puts pressure on them to be good enough to be the purpose of your life. Eventually, that kind of thinking usually results in heartbreak. Love however, is simply an expansion of friendship. Many of the qualities in a romantic relationship can be found in friendship, it's simply a closer union. By no means does it have to be the only one though, and there is no reason for a loving relationship to restrict you in that way.

Well, the thing about angels is they are not human. They have different passions and desires. Some of them, the ones that devote their lives to what humans consider to be good things obviously seem more human, and Michael is a prime example of that.

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To: God

Subject: FW: Liberation and 'Democracy'

Oh don't worry about it. Nobody else does. Most people say stuff like that when I'm not there. Of course, the others just say it when I am there...

Well, I can't help making people depressed. It's what I am. People get depressed just by being near me. It's different for you. Even if you don't realise it, if you don't want to be depressed you don't have to be. Doesn't matter what's going on outside.

There is a reason I can't find someone like you have done, and that is because if I did, all that would happen is they'd depress me somehow. Probably because I'd make them depressed just by sitting near them feeding birds bits of bread, then I'd realise how I'd made them feel and get more depressed. After an hour or so the poor soul would drown himself in the river, and then a load of ducks would get scared, fly off and crap on me.

People have to ignore me, otherwise they might end up talking to me. Natural instinct for most people, not to talk to those who are gonna make you feel bad. The exceptions do it and get killed for their trouble. I suppose that's the big emotional problem, the fact that nice people can't really get to know me because they die soon after. Much better for people to just point and laugh. Perhaps I'll end up in a zoo somewhere, 'the eternally crying girl' or something, and children can come and tell jokes to try to make me smile. Come to think of it that's pretty much what it's like anyway...

Love and light are things that affect other people,


Signature - I'm not always this depressed... Except when I feel, think or do anything really...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

To: God
Re: Liberation and 'Democracy'

Well, if religion is that bad because it’s based on faith, why do you allow it to exist? Why did you not make the truth more obvious? People turn to religion because it provides answers to things that other sources just can’t provide. Logic can’t tell you what happens to you after you die other than the fact that your body’s going to waste away. Religion can. Okay, apparently none of them have it right, but they’re a lot closer to the mark than science is.

People freeing themselves is the last thing they should do. I’m all up for being liberated and all, but it’s a slippery slope. Once you decide it’s okay to have sex outside marriage, people start having it with their partners, then they’ll have it with anyone and it all turns into what we have today. Then kids start happening because of these one night stands who grow up with only one parent, and as such get the message that because their parents did it it’s okay for them to do it, and it just gets worse and worse. Most people just aren’t responsible enough to be ‘free’ and not cause problems.

I completely agree that they shouldn’t give out contraception in schools, even to kids who are above the age of consent. It’s like giving it a seal of approval. It’ll just encourage kids to have sex. This country annoys me. They just can’t seem to get anything right. ‘Democracy’ doesn’t always work. Who thought Gordon Brown was a good idea? What GOOD has he done for Britain? It’s not democracy when someone can come to power without being elected.

After Damien, I’ve realised that love shouldn’t be everything. When you lose your everything, you have nothing. Still, doesn’t mean I’d want to think about it. It takes the romance away from it, and without romance, you might as well just be friends.

A lot of angels seem to be like that to me. The only angel I’ve spoken to yet who understands is Michael, and he’s so understanding that I wonder if he’s so understanding to make up for how understanding the others aren’t.

Oh Camael, you’re always depressed. I’m sorry if I sounded horrible, but your attitude wears off on me, even when you’re not here. You always make me feel depressed, and I don’t want to be depressed. The only way I can not be depressed is to stop you being depressed.

You can learn from me. You know how bad my life was a while ago, but now I’ve found Jack, my life’s not so bad. You have no idea how great it is to have someone to spend time with. Me and Jack went to the park today and fed the ducks. It’s amazing to have someone there to speak to and spend time with, even doing stupid little things like feeding ducks. There’s no reason you couldn’t find someone too. No reason at all. I know you’re going to try to convince me there is, but there isn’t. Tell yourself that. I used to honestly believe I was never going to meet anyone I could be friends with, and now look, there’s someone living on the same street as me. There’s no reason you couldn’t find someone. NO reason.

Don’t let people ignore you. People like you and me need someone. I don’t know how I ever coped without Jack. Problems don’t seem half as bad when there’s someone to listen. Why don’t you tell me about all of these emotional problems you’ve apparently got? A problem shared is a problem halved.


To: Poppy
Re: Faith and Sex

It is difficult to have a good view of religion. By its very nature it is based on faith, and therefore no true standard is maintained because everything can be interpreted in more than one way. It used to be that it was a direct means of control, now it is different because most of the people who could be said to have that control don't know this. Still, the end result is the same. These bad things might have increased since religion has become less popular, but there are better methods involving the truth that would help society solve these problems.

There is no real need to teach sex education until children are about to hit puberty, but if it is done correctly, no real harm will come of it. Disavowing people who become pregnant while not being married is not the answer though, society will only be restricting themselves sexually, when they should be freeing themselves, albeit with a view towards safety first.

Of course, they shouldn't be giving out contraception to anyone under the age of consent. Whether that should itself be changed is another issue, but the point is if the law is confused about it then children can't help but be as well. It's a foolish message to say the age of consent is 16, then hand out contraceptives to people younger than that.

Of course, the people saying children as young as five should be taught sex education are wrong. They are not in a position to understand it properly. Of course, that's what you get under democracy, everyone's opinion, even the stupid people.

It is entirely possible to think about falling in love, far from a need it is simply a desire. It can be rationalised, just like everything else. People don't tend to like doing it though, because if they did they might realise it's not everything.

Humans do have certain things they consider very private, and being in the shower is obviously one of them. Obviously at the core this is simple embarrassment, and hardly rational. Gabriel's not really capable of understanding this properly I'm afraid.

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To: God

Subject: FW: Sex Education

Before I start this miserable task I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed...

Of course, now that you're slightly happier you have to be horrible about me. As soon as I left and all. Not that I expect any better though... I don't suppose I deserve any better either.

I suppose it's always going to be this way, at least in your life you've been happy for a while. Maybe that'll even make up for me being here somewhat. Probably best it won't be for too long, depending on how much the perverse one gets delayed by her children's emotional problems. If they're a billionth of mine she'll probably be spending at least one of your years with each of them.

I know I'll probably end up ruining your good mood, but I can't help that. Just writing that reminds me how sad I am, not that I ever need to be reminded of that fact so I don't know why I bothered to say that. Oh well, if people ignore me I expect I shall just go away eventually...

Love and light are things that affect other people,


Signature - I'm not always this depressed... Except when I feel, think or do anything really...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To: God
Re: Sex Education

You have such a bad view of religion. Maybe there are some people out there who use it as a means of control, but by and large it gives hope and meaning to a lot of people’s lives. I don’t know how I would have coped all these years without it.

Religion might control people, but it stops (or at least, it used to stop) a lot of bad things happening. Casual sex, murder, adultery, stealing, all things that the Bible is against and things that happen all the time now.

Back in the old days there was no sex education. It’s only in the past few decades they’ve really started teaching anything about it. It might not be directly linked, but it’s in the past few decades that there’s been so much of a problem with STDs, teenage pregnancies and things like that. Single mothers and illegitimate children are commonplace now. Not too long ago, you would have been an outcast if you got pregnant when you were unmarried with your partner, let alone not even knowing who the father is with a lot of women these days.

It’s getting to the point now where it’s so out of control they’re giving out contraception and the morning after pill and all sorts in schools to kids as young as 11 now. That’s just not right. It sends out the message to kids that it’s fine for them to go out and have sex because there are official people at their school who will make it alright for them to do so. They teach kids sex education, and then they want to go out and try it for themselves. It’s sad that these days some girls are grandmothers by the time they’re 30. We can debate whether or not it’s immoral, but it’s definitely irresponsible.

There’s even some people saying that children as young as five should be taught sex education. Why? What do children need to know about sex when they’re five years old? The girls at that age aren’t going to hit puberty for at least another 6 or 7 years, and the boys probably another few years more than that. By the time you get to secondary school, there’s some biological stuff that you need to know, but even then the majority of kids that age aren’t mature or responsible enough to take anything more than that seriously. It’s no wonder with all this that the UK has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.

How are you supposed to think about falling in love? That’s not how love works. Love isn’t a rational thing. It’s about when you have the need to be with someone. You can’t think about it.

I have every reason to be uncomfortable with Gabriel watching me. Anywhere else it probably wouldn’t bother me that much, but in the shower is private and personal and I don’t want her watching me. I wouldn’t even let my boyfriend watch me in the shower, so I definitely don’t want Gabriel watching. I find it hard to believe Gabriel would get bored of watching me.

Gabriel, don’t be gone too long. I don’t know how much of Camael I can take. Jack’s keeping me in a good mood. I don’t want Camael to ruin it for me.


To: Poppy
Re: Truth and Murder

No, if someone goes back in time, they cannot affect this timeline, they can only start another. We set it up this way to prevent massive unexpected alterations to the normal flow of time.

There is only one truth, but people do not know it. Religions are usually an attempt at control rather than a search for the truth. Even when they are, they do not find it because they are not capable of understanding. The method for finding truth can be none other than logic, which in your society is best shown through scientific method. Having faith in ancient texts, praying in church and committing grievous crimes in my name will get you nowhere near the truth of the universe.

Casual sex may well be against Christianity. However, since Christianity is a belief system in something that simply isn't true, you cannot expect everyone to accept it's reasoning. Given the current effectiveness of contraception, there is no reason why casual sex couldn't continue much as it does now, without resulting in your populace increasing. The fact that this doesn't work is a testament to your societies flawed education system, not the immoral behaviour of each generation coming after you. Teaching abstinence demonstrably does not work, and therefore (like it or not) is not the solution to the problems.

Love very rarely works out like that, usually because people just fall in love without thinking about it. However, even without the danger of children produced in incestual relationships, based on the premise that an incestual relationship would not result in a child (either through a simple lack of desire to have children or through the use of surrogate mothers) society in general would still not accept it.

There is no reason to be uncomfortable about Gabriel watching you, angels tend to watch people from time to time (usually doing embarrassing things), she's likely to get bored if you ignore it.

We've had experiences of angels in physical form being murdered yes, but there is no way to prematurely end the life of an angel in their normal state.

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To: God

Subject: FW: Solutions

Well yeah that's probably how he'd react. That's how most people would react I think. Still, little by little people change, and (at an even slower rate) humanity will too. Might even change into something pleasant if you all try real hard.

Well I'm packing my bags right now, only got a couple things more to do then I'm off. Heh, yeah you just got unlucky, she's the next sub on the list. I'm sure you'll be glad to talk to her again (yeah about as glad as she will be to talk to you...)

Love, light and medical experiments,


Signature - There'll be time for explanations later. And hopefully, some sex!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To: God
Re: Solutions

Well, that makes me feel a bit better. I was worried that someone was going to do something that meant I was never born or something. I don’t want to blink out of existence.

If there’s only one truth, where did all the different religions come from? How did they all end up so different?

Maybe casual sex won’t go away, but that’s against Christianity too. If people didn’t have casual sex, there wouldn’t be any need for contraception. If you have sex, there’s always a chance the woman could get pregnant, contraception or not. The answer is not to have sex full stop, not to use contraception.

Oh wow, that’s such a beautiful description of love. That’s what it should be like. Of course, it doesn’t always work out like that.

With incestual relationships, it’s not leaving it to chance that their children could have genetic problems, and like I said about that deaf couple, deliberately causing problems for your children is wrong. It’s not quite the same I know, but it’s on the same level, since it’s not leaving it to chance. People with genetic disorders will never be able to eliminate the chance that their children will be born ‘wrong’. People having incest can – they can have children with someone else with no chance it’ll go wrong (well, relatively, anyway. I know there’s always a chance it’ll go wrong with anyone).

I didn’t really expect you to say anything to Gabriel, but I’m ready to try anything that might work. I guess it’s nice to have a break, but once she comes back it’s going to start all over again. I’m getting tired of having 30 second showers because Gabriel’s watching me.

Have you had any experiences yet involving the murder of angels who watch people in the shower? It’s not going to be long before I feel the need to do something to Gabriel if she doesn’t stop. She’s really annoying me. I’m only joking at the moment, but you know I can’t control myself when I get really upset.

Gabriel, hence the reason I couldn’t tell Jack about any of this. The best possible reaction I could expect would be that he wouldn’t believe me and dismiss it. I know how I would have reacted if someone had tried to tell me a few months ago about things.

This is one promise you should make. I won’t change my mind about not wanting you to watch me. If I do, I’ll let you know. Until then, I really want you to promise me you won’t do it again.

Suddenly, you going doesn’t seem like such a good idea to me. Don’t leave me with Camael! Is there no-one else? I’d rather have you stay and watch me in the shower. I think so, anyway. I don’t know, that’s a tough call.


Monday, June 23, 2008

To: Poppy
Re: Love, Change and Reason

Oh yes, time travel is possible. It is only dangerous to those who use it however, because if they change anything they'll end up trapped in the alternate timeline they created, with no way to get back. The result is there ends up being two timelines, but nobody can go between them.

The short answer is you don't know, humans can only see the short term with any real accuracy, so that's what you have to go on. You simply need to think of what you can do to have a positive impact in the short term (positive being relative to your own values of course). You can't possibly judge what these things are going to do long term, therefore there's little point worrying about it, simply because lack of action would have an impact too.

Christianity 'has' changed over the centuries, albeit slowly. Certainly slower in recent days than most other groups, barring religions. So Christianity certainly isn't the same as it was in its inception, which is a good thing because if it were, they'd be killing people left right and centre. The way people think is one of the big things that divide humanity, because most people base their core beliefs on inductive reasoning. This allows people to come to different (often stupidly so) conclusions, rather than deductive reasoning, which with enough valid premises only results in one possible outcome. Of course, there is only one universal truth, rather than the foolish 'many truths' idea, which only really exists to allow people to coexist with each other and has no basis in reality.

As to the contraception thing, based on their beliefs they shouldn't change. A little investigation however shows that your world is becoming overpopulated, far too much in some places. Despite their preaching, it should be obvious that casual sex isn't going to go away. Given that, it only makes sense to take measures designed to prevent the problem. Those groups that don't will eventually be shunned by society, and will therefore die off.

The need to reduce everything to science is because on a fundamental level, everything is science. We designed the universe that way (simply because it was the only way to do it). Still, humans have misinterpreted love. It isn't about flowers or wine or walks along a moonlit beach, although those things are obviously pleasant. Love is simply the desire that most being possess, the desire to be part of the whole again, the source from which you all came. Humans get the closest to that experience again when they have sex, which is why it is quite appropriately also called making love. Simply put, it is a desire to share all experiences, thoughts and feelings with another person. It is of course, extremely rare for humans to accomplish true unconditional love, even for just one other person. It's something to strive for though, and regardless the experience awaits you all.

While no method of contraception (short of extreme means) is guaranteed to be effective, if everybody used it when they were not looking to procreate the amount of children born would drop drastically. This would, given time reduce the population to more manageable levels. Proper education and the resulting abandoning of traditions and religious beliefs would accomplish this.

If that belief, that people with genetic disorders and such should be allowed to have children is valid then why not for couples in incestual relationships as well?

I'm afraid however, that human rights do not apply to myself or to the angels. Nor do I directly interfere with their choices, but she'll be leaving soon, which will give you a bit of a break.

Actually, there are a massive amount more experiences involving murder that we need, so feel free. I don't want you to think I'm restricting you from having any experience you desire.

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To: God

Subject: FW: Parenting

Well, I don't like making promises. It binds you, limits your potential experiences. You should never make more than very short term promises, because you don't know what you're going to feel like in a year's time. Hah, I seemed like such a good person! Try telling him about M_ses or Jesus!

Heh, no you don't need to guess, he was doing dirty things to me within the hour. Had a thing about my feet for some reason, still not sure what that was about. Still, I'm up for most anything...

Well, Camael has been at least partially responsible for several thousand suicides so yeah, it's possible. Anyway, I won't be watching you in the shower for a bit, since I'm getting ready to go find the kids.

I'm sure that'll be a great comfort to you, even as I tell you Camael's the replacement for me!

Love, light and medical experiments,


Signature - There'll be time for explanations later. And hopefully, some sex!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

To: God
Re: Parenting

Is time travel actually possible? That’s a scary thought.

How do you know that smiling at a passerby won’t stop something else good happening, or cause something bad to happen? That extra second you spend smiling at that person could make the difference between a speeding car hitting you or missing you, or you not meeting someone you would otherwise have met.

Well, it’s a matter of opinion whether or not any given group is worthwhile belonging to. I’m not Christian like I used to be, but I still believe it’s a worthwhile group to belong to. If Christianity did change, it wouldn’t be Christianity any more.

In the Pope’s defence though, you’re supposed to be incapable of changing, and the Bible does say that you said contraception is bad. If you never change, and their beliefs are based on what you said, why should they change?

What’s the point of being in love if it’s not romantic? It’s not really love if it’s not. Why is there such a need to reduce everything to science these days? Things like that is where Harry Potter came from! People get so fed up with it all they turn to magic for the desperate need to believe there’s something science can’t explain.

Contraception and surgery don’t always work though. There have been cases where people who are supposedly sterilised have had children, and there’s no type of contraception that’s 100% safe.

Human rights people hold that everyone has the right to a child. That includes people with genetic disorders, people in prisons, anyone. There’s a chance that some people will have children with genetic disorders, but there’s a difference between leaving it to chance and deliberately causing it. It’s not anyone’s fault when it’s chance.

On a similar note, human rights say that everyone has a right to privacy. Can you have a word with Gabriel for me? I can’t get through to her.

Okay, I don’t want to be a murderer YET. You don’t know what could happen. I could end up murdering someone who was otherwise going to go on to have some totally unique experience that you haven’t managed to fulfil yet. I’m sure you’ve had enough experience of people murdering other people.

I don’t know why Michelle stays with Damien. It must be for the baby’s sake (although, she was pretty drunk last night. She shouldn’t drink like that if she’s pregnant). I couldn’t get rid of Damien quick enough when I found out he’d been cheating on me. I can’t imagine Damien being much of a dad, either.

I can’t really argue with what you said about Jack. It sums up the way he makes me feel.

Gabriel, yeah, I know. I’d never be able to tell Jack. He’d never believe me anyway. All these secrets are a burden. If I did tell him and he did believe me, I expect he’d say something along the lines of ‘That Gabriel seemed such a good person in the Bible. I can’t believe she’d be such an immoral person to watch someone in the shower, and still continue after you’ve specifically asked her to stop several times. Angels are supposed to be good people’. Gabriel, I REALLY mean it. Every time I say, you ignore me.

I do worry about all the damage this is doing my mind. A few months ago I would have been shocked at the idea that the angel Gabriel was the cause of the 1960s. I guess I don’t need to guess what kind of fun you and that DJ got up to either.

I’ll take your word for it on Paris Hilton. I’m sure you know more on that subject than I do.

Nice to hear you’re going to do something good though. I know a lot of kids these days grow up with only one parent, but that doesn’t make it the best thing for them. Look at me.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to stand living with Camael. Of course, you’re assuming that I wouldn’t end up murdering Raphael or committing suicide before Camael could get to me. Me being in the Big Brother house wouldn’t be that much different to my life at the moment anyway. Stuck in a house with people I hate and other people watching me in the most private parts of my life. I’m sure you’re cutting years off my life with all this blood pressure you’re giving me! Consider yourself lucky you’re not in punching distance from me.


To: Poppy
Re: Religions, Love and Children

Whether what you read does you harm or not is entirely up to you, but the truth will do you no direct harm. You might do yourself harm depending on how you relate it to your life, but that is your choice.

Your life, like all others could have been a vast amount different. It could have ended at a very young age if you'd taken the decision to poke around in the mains electricity socket. If you go back a few years, the tiniest change then could/would have made a huge difference now. It's very much a ripple effect, once the tiny change is made the further into the future you go the greater the change in results. This is what potentially made time travel so dangerous. A person could travel back in time, then not be able to return to his present because it no longer existed, due to the simple fact that his appearance in the past moved some of the air molecules around him in a way that wouldn't have happened otherwise. This is also why we made it complicated enough that only a very technologically advanced society could accomplish it.

Still, these choices that result in the 'good things' happening can still be made now. Like a simple decision such as whether or not to smile at a passerby. That person, upon seeing you smile may then choose to stop and start a conversation, and from there open an entire new potential path for your life.

Humans have a great need to belong, to be part of something. This is part of what allows groups such as religions, or cultish followers of a book to flourish. If the human need was for independent thought rather than follow the leader, they might not join such things in the first place.

Still, given that humans do like to feel they belong to something which will lead them, one might think great care would be taken to create a group worthwhile joining. Obviously that's not going to happen with fictional books, such as Harry Potter or the Bible. So human begins have the ability to reason, to work things out. Sadly, most of them do not use it when choosing what to believe, it's more a case of 'have faith' and 'God works in mysterious ways'.

Every group must change however, although not for the purpose of 'fitting in'. Change because you see the reasons for change are better than the reasons for staying as you are. This applies to individuals as well as groups obviously. Religions are things that by their nature rarely change, at least relative to other groups not so bound by religious texts. Of course, groups have to coexist with other groups, and if people are unwilling to change they will become outcasts on their own world. There are clear indications that religions are going down this route. To take an example, the current Pope of the Catholic Church says contraception is wrong. Morally wrong. No actual reasonable justification for this, just that it's something God's supposed to be against. Their unwillingness to change will eventually result in either humanities stagnation (assuming enough people remain part of the religion) or in the religions end.

Of course, in my sublime form up here I cannot 'fall in love' as humans do. Through human experiences though, I do know what it feels like. This incidentally, is the purpose of life, for me to experience myself through you. I therefore must disagree with you, it is entirely possible to choose who you fall in love with, although 'falling in love' is a very human expression, usually referring to when you are in love with someone for reasons you cannot define. That doesn't mean they are indefinable, but most people have no interest in finding out about it. They feel it takes the romance away from it all.

The case in the news of the German brother and Sister was a perfect example. Let us imagine though, that such a couple did know they were related and went ahead anyway (which does happen, but for obvious reasons is kept secret more often than not). In these days, with contraceptives and surgery available to eliminate the possibility of children coming from it, there is no reason to have a law against it. Most human societies do however.

I imagine most couples who had adopted a child would disagree with you there. The bond is love, not simply because the mother has the child inside her for 9 months. Now of course, most people would agree choosing to give a child a disability is wrong. Still, how far should a society go to prevent it? Genetic screening of all potential parents? You'd have the human rights people out in droves.

Where all these checks apply to people who adopt children, it's interesting to note that no checks apply to new parents, or at least, none are forced on them. As to the Christian couple, one would think it wouldn't matter, since that subject would be covered in sexual education at school. To be honest, it might be better for society if say 50% of them were gay, if only so it would mean a certain amount less children would be produced. It is a little late for that, with the advances in IVF treatments, but it might help.

In that case, the truth did no harm. Since you do not really want to be a murderer it is not something you'll do. If that changes, you have the option, one of the consequences of having free will.

Well, it seems Damien and Michelle are having tough times, and what with the hormones and all she's becoming even more unstable. Damien would do well to be subtle if he's going to stare at his ex like that.

It's nice to see you've found someone like Jack to be with. That feeling of being able to relate to someone is quite special for humans, and it can make the most awful of situations seem like something easily handled.

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To: God

Subject: FW: Decisions, Money-spinning and Children

Ah, well you see I'm special, the rules don't apply to me. In any case, those are human laws! Heh, if Jack even mentions the angel Gabriel, I'd love to see what he says if you were to tell him 'she' watches you in the shower.

I did once manage to get the DJ to do that yeah, he got some weird looks of the people there but we had a lot of fun after he got off work that night so I don't think he minded too much come the morning.

Well, now that I think about it I guess that was about when I first heard it, so maybe a subconscious memory yeah. Heh, 'free love', funny you should mention that... I was pretty much responsible for it. I inspired the poem Epipsychidion by Percy Bysshe Shelley back in the day too.

Yeah, I've decided to begin making plans to go see some of them, so I'll be going in a few days. Well, you have to remember in a lot of societies (including the human one nowadays) children do grow up without their parents. It's not unusual really. Still, it could be fun I suppose...

That 1 night in Paris is really good, she stops having sex at one point to answer her phone... Like anyone would really do that.

Hah! I can just imagine you stuck in a house with them two. You and Raphael would probably find you have something in common when you snap and murder her. I could just kinda shove you and Camael into that but Raphael would be much more difficult, so it probably wouldn't happen. Pity really.

Love, light and medical experiments,


Signature - There'll be time for explanations later. And hopefully, some sex!

To: God
Re: Decisions, Money-spinning and Children

Well, I guess by now I’ve figured out that you’re not going to lie to me, but the truth can do more harm than good sometimes.

All of this natural consequences stuff is beginning to scare me, all about how tiny decisions can totally change the world. I really understand what you mean now after watching Doctor Who last night. In the real world, Donna went out driving one day and turned left. In a parallel universe, Donna turned right. Because of that, she never met the Doctor so the Doctor had to fight the Racnoss by himself and died, so he wasn’t there to stop all of the stuff that’s happened in Doctor Who since then, and the whole world was an absolutely terrible place just because she turned right instead of left! It makes me wonder how different my life could have been. I wonder how many of the little insignificant decisions I’ve made have directly contributed to the bad things that have happened in my life.

It’s the same with the good things too. I scare myself when I think about how if on that Sunday a few weeks ago I hadn’t decided to walk home the long way around, or if it had been raining, I never would have decided to catch the bus into town, would never have seen Damien’s other girlfriend, never would have gotten drunk, never would have made Gabriel decide to take justice into her own hands and ultimately would never have met Jack. I wonder how many good things like having Jack in my life I’ve missed out on just because of what at the time seemed like insignificant decisions.

I know Harry Potter is completely like a cult! In the past, if I’ve been talking to someone and tell them I like reading, they ask if I’ve read Harry Potter, and when I say no they look at me like there’s something wrong with me! The fans with brains (I think there are a few of them out there) are complaining how much worse JK Rowling’s writing has gotten since Harry Potter has become mega popular, and it’s because she’s trying to write books at superhuman speeds to keep her publishers happy, probably at the same time suffering from sleep deprivation because of all the book signings and media attention she’s getting that she wasn’t getting before when nobody knew who she was. It annoys me how she had to publish herself as JK Rowling rather than just Joanne Rowling because she didn’t think anyone would read her books if they thought they were written by a woman. That’s why I would never want to read Harry Potter. I’d rather read books by authors who see their writing as the art form it is rather than someone who sees it as a way to make money (very few of the books I like have movies of them, and none of them have ridiculous amounts of merchandise associated with them).

I knew it was too good to be true to think that something I believed in was something you agreed with. Still, Christianity shouldn’t have to change. It’s managed to survive for over 2000 years without changing. I’m against anyone who feels they have to change to fit in with everyone else, whether that’s Christians trying to fit into society or society trying to accommodate Christians. Christians have every right and reason to believe in what they do. They shouldn’t be under any pressure to change.

Well, I suppose you’ve never fallen in love, so you wouldn’t understand that it’s impossible to choose who you fall in love with. You can’t look at someone and think ‘should I love this person?’. You either do or you don’t. I felt so sorry for that couple in the news a few months ago who found out they were brother and sister. By then you can’t just decide you don’t love them any more. Still, if they had known from the beginning, I expect it would never have happened. The brother and sister could still marry other people and have normal kids.

With people with genetic disorders, it’s different because there’s a chance it’ll happen no matter who they have kids with. Sure, they could adopt, but you don’t get quite the same bond with a child that’s not yours.

It’s one thing when you can’t help having children like that, but it’s quite another to choose it. I could never accept that deaf couple a while ago who wanted doctors to make them have a deaf child. I’d rather have a disability than not exist, but I’d hate my parents if they made the deliberate decision to give me that disability. They were arguing that they are deaf and have a normal life, but I’d rather actually have a normal life than having to make the effort to have a normal life when I can’t hear anything.

Besides, this country makes it so difficult to adopt kids! It drives me nuts! There are so many kids out there who need foster parents. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be checks and regulations on who can adopt or foster kids because there are a lot of evil people about, but they stop a lot of honest, legitimate people from fostering or adopting kids who really need someone to love and care for them. It really made me angry when I read in the news about that Christian couple who had all their foster children taken away because they refused to teach them about homosexuality. They had fostered so many kids and changed their lives so much for the better, and it was all put to a stop and the kids were taken back to some children’s home because those Christians stood up for what they believed was right. My dad has never spoken to me about homosexuality (or anything, actually) but they don’t take me away. Life is so unfair.

All this stuff about teaching kids about homosexuality is driving me nuts too. Are they trying to make the whole country gay? They’re giving out books with gay fairy tales to playschools to teach three year olds about homosexuality. Yeah, perhaps some of those kids have lesbian or gay ‘parents’, but they don’t understand it at that age. Sexuality has no place in playschool, or even primary school.

I’m finding it hard to accept the fact that you’re seriously suggesting that I should go out and murder if that’s what I really think I should do. There might not be any consequences after I die, but this is one of those cases where the truth can do more harm than good.

Okay, rant over. Not sure where all that negativity came from, because I’m actually in a pretty good mood. Must be because I’m tired. I went out to the club with Jack last night and had a really good time, and it was actually made better by the fact that Damien was there. We got there and Damien was there with Michelle (who’s got a real bump showing now) and Damien saw me there with Jack. You should have seen his face! He was so jealous! Not that Jack’s my boyfriend, but it won’t hurt to give Damien the impression that he is. Damien was just staring at me, jealous, Michelle looked too and realised he was looking at me, slapped Damien and then stormed off, Damien followed her and I never saw either of them after that. It made me laugh.

It’s beyond me how Jack manages to go out on a Saturday night and still be up for church the next morning. He phoned me this morning to see if I wanted to go to church with him – you’d never be able to tell with him that he was up until 2 last night. It’s a different story with me. Anyway, of course I went with him. I’m happy to go wherever Jack wants to go. We both went out this afternoon. The weather was so nice. The sun makes me so tired though. We went to the park and sat on the swings for a while and I was just about ready to go to sleep. Still, I don’t think I’d ever be able to sleep while Jack was there. He’s just too much fun to be with.

Gabriel, I don’t care how ‘cute’ I am when there’s NOBODY WATCHING! Stop it! There are laws about this kind of thing. I’m being serious. I really want you to stop.

Have you ever actually managed to get a DJ at a nightclub to play Yellow Submarine? You could pick an easier song to try and get them to play.

Is it just that it’s a nice song? I thought you were going to say it brought back memories or something, with it being the 1960s and all that free love going on.

It’s nice to hear that Michael can get you to see the problems you cause other people with your ways, even if no-one else can. I’ll have to see if I can get him to talk to you about this business with me in the shower.

If you didn’t want to be a parent, you should have thought of that before you decided to have sex with so many people. Still, you don’t have to visit them one after the other. Take your time. Maybe set aside a day or two where you visit a different person each month or something. I expect a lot of your kids don’t even know who their mum/dad is. If someone got me pregnant then disappeared and I never saw them again, I’d be pretty annoyed. Do something good for once in your life.

No, I didn’t see it, but knowing Paris Hilton and knowing you, it’s not hard to imagine you wanting to watch something like that.

Reality TV as a whole annoys me. As if they don’t make enough money from advertising, they make stupid low budget programmes that just follow people around doing nothing, and run competitions and votes to get more money out of people. Big Brother is the worst. How much money does it cost to have a load of people sitting around and film them? It’s beyond me who wants to watch a group of the world’s most annoying people stuck in a house having sex with each other for however many weeks. Oh, wait. You, I expect.

Yeah, I have to live with my dad, the keyword being have. It’s not a choice I made, so I see no reason I should have to speak to him. It’s more likely to upset me than do any good. I’d rather be stuck in the Big Brother house with Raphael and Camael.