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To: Poppy
Re: Events, Tragedies and the Future

This, sadly, is something Damien has to sort out for himself. That is, if he can. Eventually he'll snap under the pressure, as all humans have a limit as to what they can take. It is a shame that he's dropped out of college though, another part of his life that's ended because of his inability to stand up for himself.

Of course, the greater tragedy is Chelsea. Being raised by a parent who doesn't give a toss, and another who can't because he's being subjugated by the mother isn't going to end well for her. Of course, eventually social services might simply take her away if someone complains about it. At the moment, that's the best outcome she can really hope for.

The Facebook issue is something that could well act as a trigger. If Damien is forced to reveal Michelle to Kirsty (and vice versa being the inevitable result), neither one will react well. That could well lead to a physical fight, or possibly something even more dangerous. Of course, whichever woman wins that exchange, Damien stands to lose.

Well, in Gabriel's defence, she has to find a perverted way of being compassionate. Given your aversion to such, she couldn't have been open with you about her intentions and expect her idea to work. The way she did it was quite effective, and resulted in all of your lives improving somewhat. It might be worth noting that she was keeping an eye on you both when you were tied to that lamppost, and would not have let anyone else see you.

Your Dad not having meaningless relationships anymore is one good example of her positive effect. He's also opened up to you considerably, and will no doubt be there for you in the times ahead. If that hadn't happened, you'd have ended up almost entirely alone (at least, human wise). She knew you'd need that.

You're quite right that Jack is now coming to the end of his life. The probability of his survival has now dropped to an almost nonexistent level. The only thing left to do is make sure you spend what time you have left together, being as open with each other as you can. You should definitely try to get him to open up about what he's going through, after all, as a married couple you're not supposed to keep things from each other.

It is perhaps worth noting that people generally feel that anyone intelligent with a decent sense of morals is not qualified to be a politician. Newspapers go for dramatic effect, because that's the kind of thing people like to pick up, read and complain about. It's an unfortunate fact that humans tend to look at events and see only the sorrow in them, rather than the potential to learn from such tragedy's. If it was otherwise, your world might be in a very different state. Still, it is only one world, and it will not be allowed to inflict such tragedy on the galaxy. We designed the universe to make the odds of that virtually nothing.

The simple answer to how someone can do that to a child, is that they choose to do it. Everyone makes choices all the time, if it were not so, there would be no purpose to life.

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Well we could do that sure! Course, it'd take a fair amount of resources and money to do it though. Maybe just cutting their heads off would be easier huh? You have enough problems with the economy and such to be bothered with that.

By what measure is pornography a good business to get involved in? Are you kidding? You get to have sex with lots of people, have your face (amongst other things!) broadcast across the world, and if you're good at it, you get loads of money! I disagree that you'd be better off without porn, I think depriving people of such would make them more likely to go out raping people, not less.

Hey come on, you might not want those DVD's now, but later on you'll be able to remember the good old times! That reminds me actually, I've sent one of your wedding. I think there might be a couple of scenes of me stripping in there too, but that's what you get when you tell the bloody thing to record automagically.

Well I just think it's bad to rely totally on one person. You can never count on them being around forever, and funnily enough there are other worthwhile people out there too! Marriage is making vows, and people change. I guess my main objection is that people shouldn't make promises they might not be able (or willing) to keep.

Well, if I seduced him we'd have ended up having sex, so it wasn't that. It was more just letting him be a little liberated, so that he'd have some common starting point with his dad. Well, that and the fact that it was fun!

For humans sex can be one of two things, or both. It can be for pleasure, or it can be a means of physically expressing love. Nothing wrong with either way, or mixing them together. Society makes people believe that sex for fun is wrong, when in fact it's simply a belief passed down from outdated dogma and... Idiots.

Boobs are for breastfeeding babies (or anyone!), but they're also a big part of what makes a woman attractive! I define good taste as something that brings me and other people pleasure, and being a human dressed up in sexy clothes certainly does that! What's your definition?

Speaking of pleasure, did you know when you have an orgasm you tremble somewhat and your face goes bright red? It's really very attractive!

I don't expect trust in the short term, like if I say something to you, I don't expect you to immediately believe it. Still, you should trust that I have your best interests at heart when I'm manipulating the situation. That's what counts.

Love, light and medical experiments,

Signature - There'll be time for explanations later. And hopefully, some sex!

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