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To: Poppy
Re: Abandoned

Capable yes, but he currently lacks the energy or the genuine willpower to do so. He needs to find a way to get that back, and that’s going to be very difficult for him being in Michelle’s grip. When he does, he’ll need to try to do it without flipping completely, otherwise the consequences will be even worse for him. You’re quite right that having a job might well give him the time away from her to get some of his energy back, assuming he’ll be even able to get past the interview with the mental state he has now.

Chelsea would, at this point anyway, be far better off in care that she would with her parents. The keyword is ‘care’, which she’s getting none of at the moment. At this point she’d have an advantage in that she’s too young (and hasn’t bonded really with her parents) to really understand, so she’d get a bit of a fresh start. Hopefully this time with parents who are eager to look after her. Still, she is by far not the only child in the world to be neglected in such a manner. It is a sad reflection that at such a dangerous point in human development there is not enough being done to ensure the next generation will be able (or even willing) to repair the damage done by the previous ones. This cycle can only result in your species eventual destruction, either at their own hands or by those that would not see such aggression and foolishness spread throughout your galaxy later.

Of course, he could end his relationships without either one knowing about the other at the moment, but it’s getting more and more unlikely the longer he waits. He’s got himself into a real tangled mess, but he could still walk away. If he waits until Michelle finds out, he might not have use of his legs to do so, metaphorically or otherwise.

As it is, Gabriel does HAVE to find a perverted way of being compassionate. Angels are not like humans in that way, they don’t have the same choices open to them. She is literally physically incapable of doing it in any other way, just as Michael is incapable of acting without compassion. To deny the part of her that is her would be to try to deny herself, and it’s something that can’t be done. It’d be like asking you to simply stop being human.

Unfortunately, nobody ever really gets used to heartbreak or the loss of a loved one. They get better at dealing with the loss, they can understand why it had to happen or that it doesn’t mean the end of their happiness, but it still hurts each time. It is something that humans, due to their limited lives have to deal with, and the way they do that is up to them.

It does say something for how your relationship with your father has changed that you weren’t sure you could bear the week without him there. Before it might have been that it would have been more difficult to deal with if he WAS there. That’s a real step in the right direction, and something Gabriel was mostly responsible for.

As is obvious, Jack is now reaching the final part of his life. What humans usually forget at this point is that it’s not how long you spend together that matters (because that is never eternal), but the quality of the time, the glory of the experience together. With you and Jack that’s been fantastic, and is something you’ll always be able to remember as a happy time of your life. There will of course, be other such times, and ones when you’re not happy too. That is part of the balance of all life, and people must deal with it the best they can. Everyone cries tears of joy and sorrow, just at different times, and for different reasons. What they all have in common is they’ve chosen the reasons for the joy or sorrow, they’ve assigned what they believe to be important to them in their minds, and it is your choice how you perceive each event. Every experience in life has no utter definition as to whether it’s good or bad, only how you choose to relate to it is what makes it feel that way.

I am certain that, were Jack’s Christian God to exist in reality, he wouldn’t mind him not going to church on a Sunday, given how poor his health is. I think he’d understand, and I’m sure in truth that Jack knows that too.

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Well, I suppose in the case of terrorists you humans could find some vicious way of torturing them. Maybe you could chop off bits of their body and use them as bait for fish? While they’re still alive if we’re feeling sadistic today...

Yeah, some people think it’ll be a big thing and some don’t, for individual customers it probably means sod all unless you’re buying something really expensive, or a whole load of things. For businesses though who buy massive amounts in bulk it could mean quite big savings for them, so if it helps make some profit for them and lets them give the customer a bit of a saving maybe it’s not such a bad idea. Still, that’s money the governments not getting, and we all know they need all that money for really important stuff like Limo’s and big lunches!

Porn doesn’t really say ‘this is how it’s done’, except in the minds of stupid people. Like most other businesses though it makes a lot of money, and the advantage is people (customers and employees) enjoy it, so why not?

Knowing what you looked like doesn’t take the magic away, you looked great! Both of you! You were obviously having a wonderful time together, and I think it’d be good for you to be able to revisit some of those memories in HD!

Yeah I know, I did go a little bit overboard with the scenes of me, but you should learn to enjoy that! Some pleasant memories of your maid of honour! I’ve already shown my undying love for Michael, we’ve bonded, shared all of our thoughts and feelings, so we know exactly what we need to know. A ring won’t help us further that cause no matter how romantic it sounds to humans.

Well, it doesn’t create such problems if people use proper precautions, the last thing people need to do is control themselves. If they did that, nobody would have any fun! Life is about being you, expressing you to the world. Being who I am, sex is one of the natural ways to do that! Sexual drive is a big part of humans too; obviously it has to be otherwise you’d never have reproduced enough to get to where you are.

Well, before I came along they were still related, but it didn’t seem to count for anything between them then did it? I provided them with a new common starting point, which is always easier to use that what you know and are used to, and not embarrassed about!

You’ll have more orgasms in your life Poppy, there are always more worthy people out there for you to be with. You just have to find them! And yes you do, as evidenced by any of those DVD’s I sent you! Proof!

Well I do have your best interests at heart, believe it or not. I do love seeing you happy, and I’d like to see more of that! You’re much more alive, and much more filled with sexual energy! Drunk or not, you enjoyed pole dancing, and you were both turned on fishing the keys out of each other’s underwear!

Love, light and medical experiments,

Signature - There'll be time for explanations later. And hopefully, some sex!

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